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How to Clear your Browser Cache

Cache, seems like a weird word, sounds like 'cash' but what the heck does it mean & why do I care? The cache is the memory of past events that are stored in your Internet Browser, the reason is that helps the browser to bring a previously visited website back up...

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Meet the New Exhale Technology Solutions!

When I founded Linko IT Web eleven years ago, I was just getting started in the IT service business. I wanted to help individuals fix things they didn’t understand, and it was a business I could run while also being a busy mom. Fast forward a bit – and it sure has...

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What to look for to keep yourself and your identity safe.

With the COVID-19 situation, there are increasing efforts by fraudsters to try to take advantage of your fear and collect personal information that can be used for identity and financial theft. The hot ticket right now - contact tracing. The FTC is seeing an increase...

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Why is my Internet so ?*? slow?

Everyone is home, kids and teens are doing online schooling during the day and then watching endless hours of online videos or playing games in the evening, all the while, parents are on endless video conference calls for work - the result, some days the internet...

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OneDrive vs Google Drive

The major players in the PC cloud storage arena are Microsoft and Google, hands down. A few other cloud storage companies are out there, such as DropBox, Box, and provide a cloud storage feature but are more geared towards file sharing & are not in the same space...

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Stuck at Home? Meet for Happy Hour!!!

The Very Beginner’s Guide for Using Zoom to Stay Connected – Part 1 Wait, what? We can’t leave the house! How can we stay in touch? I recommend Zoom. Here’s why - it's the easiest way to connect with more than one person at the same time. Have you tried to use...

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Hi, I’m Nicole.

I started Exhale Technology Solutions to help as many people as possible.

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I have worked with Nikki for the past four or five years.  Nikki does a great job of not only cleaning up our computers and helping them run faster but, she is incredibly patient in walking me through the multiple issues.  Nikki has worked with several of my senior clients too and is always kind and helpful.  She works fast and I highly recommend her.

– Linda | Life’s Next Step

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