When I began working with residential clients, it was a mix of friends and neighbors.  As word began to spread, I got a call from an 80-year-old resident who thought she was being scammed.  She asked if I would please come over to make sure her data was safe.  When I got there, I saw that a family member had set up an iPad along with her iPhone.  Like many of my senior clients, there was a brief lesson on how to do certain things on the devices but she was quite confused about what she ‘should’ be doing with the devices and how to do them.

We began talking about what was going on.  She explained that she had been getting these video calls & she didn’t dare answer them because she thought someone was trying to break into her phone and get her data.  As I dug into the issue a little further, we discovered it was her granddaughter trying to FaceTime her to say hello.  Since her granddaughters’ number hadn’t been saved as a contact on her phone, she didn’t know who was calling her.  She also had never heard of FaceTime and how to use it.

So, I added family members & friends to her contact list & then we role-played with FaceTime to help her become familiar with it.  She was so relieved to know that she was safe & that she now had a great way to talk/see her granddaughter.  She was very relieved by the end of our time together.

When I left, I thought to myself that there should be classes to assist seniors to feel comfortable with their devices.  The current iPhone and Android devices are supercomputers, they are complex & a little instruction would greatly improve a seniors’ experience with them.  That is how I began to expand my clientele to this special group of people.  Along with my one-on-one appointments, I teach iPhone classes locally and enjoy seeing my clients relax and enjoy the experience while they learn something new.   Tech needs to be accessible to EVERYONE.

If you are in need of assistance or have a family member who needs some help, please give me a call.  I’d be happy to assist.

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