When I founded Linko IT Web eleven years ago, I was just getting started in the IT service business. I wanted to help individuals fix things they didn’t understand, and it was a business I could run while also being a busy mom.

Fast forward a bit – and it sure has been fast! – the world has changed. Technology is now the essential conduit through which we do everything, from having work meetings, going to school, staying in touch with family, and even buying groceries and other necessities. My boys have grown up. And the business has evolved too. It’s time to relaunch Linko IT Web to bring an expanded focus on my clients’ growth and peace of mind, and to help people navigate in our new world.

So, meet Exhale Technology Solutions! We’re still the same quality-focused, patient, responsive, well-run technology partner you’ve come to know and love. We still help individuals and small businesses figure out their technology needs, purchase the solutions, set them up, and maintain them optimally. But we’ve evolved too, and our reach is expanding.

In our new world, connectivity and working technology are more important than ever! And since I started the business, I’ve brought in a team of people who can help address clients’ needs. I didn’t want our name to reflect a focus on just my last name; I wanted it to focus on growth, energy, and the values we bring to the technology process:

Equity – We believe everyone should have access to technology, no exceptions.

Acceptance – We meet you where you are and help expand your knowledge.

Collaboration – We work with you to bring your ideas to life through technology and partnership.

Harmony – We streamline the process––we know our areas of expertise and we know when to get other experts involved.

Integrity – We stand by our work.


The new look of the business more accurately reflects what I want my clients to feel as we work together: at ease, relieved, and taken care of.  With our new launch, we also want to provide clarity on what we offer and who we serve. We’re not a traditional tech company who just services your equipment – we strive to be your trusted partner.


Who do we serve?

We are a small business serving other small businesses and individuals. We know what it’s like to specialize in one area and have the need to bring in help for some of the other necessary aspects of running a business or your home. Are you…?

  • … a person who didn’t grow up with technology who needs a computer, a phone, or a tablet (such as an iPad)? Someone who needs to use the internet, set up email, and figure out Zoom to stay in touch with family?
  • … someone who understands computers but isn’t up to date on the latest, greatest solutions and what works best in today’s fast-moving world?
  • … a busy professional who wants to ensure your family has robust equipment, sufficient bandwidth, a reliable backup system, shared family storage space, and a secure setup overall?
  • … a business owner who recognizes time is money and is looking for a fast and reliable solution to technical challenges?  Or are you contemplating a software or hardware purchase and unsure if it is the best solution for your needs?
  • … a new business owner needing to advice on a website and how to get clients to find you online?
  • …someone who wants to learn more about the technology they’re using?

If so, we can be an excellent partner for you.


What do we offer?

We offer a full menu of technology services from soup to nuts (so to speak).  We support Mac, PC, Android, and iOS, in other words, the major players in the technology space. We assist with purchase and setup of new tech as well as the optimization of existing tech. We work in the cloud and support many cloud solutions: iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, Box, just to name a few. We love email, well kind of, and often assist our clients in this area. Concerned about security, password protection or backups? Norton, Avira, Avast, Malwarebytes, and Carbonite are just a sampling of the choices we support. We provide also assistance with websites; building new ones or managing the content on existing ones using tools like cPanel, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and Weebly; setting up and maintaining hosting for custom sites; and configuring CRM tools and databases.

Another big part of what we provide is education. We want our clients to feel comfortable with their technology, not hindered by it. We will teach you whatever you’d like to learn, we don’t mind if you watch, and we love to answer questions.

With Exhale Technology Solutions as your trusted tech partner, you can breathe easy we’ve got your technology needs covered. Relax, take a deep breath, and exhale. Live your life, run your business… we’ll make sure your tech just works.

So, if you have a current challenge and would like to chat, please visit our website, www.exhaletechnologysolutions.com and schedule a free consultation. At the very least, you’ll learn some good ideas you can implement yourself. We receive most of our business from referrals, which we love. That tells us we are doing a good job for our clients. And if you have friends and family who may be struggling to tame their technology, we’d love it if you passed on our name so we can assist them.

Thank you for your time today!!!  We know there is so much to pay attention to these days and we are honored you spent time with us.


Welcome, we are glad you found us.

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