Everyone is home, kids and teens are doing online schooling during the day and then watching endless hours of online videos or playing games in the evening, all the while, parents are on endless video conference calls for work – the result, some days the internet seems like it is moving slower than molasses. So, how can we fix it??

#1 – Reboot — yes, it’s cliche’ but sometimes, it is just what is needed. Every device you work on (including your Internet equipment) needs a reset. My suggestion, reboot your computers once every few days, reboot your phone once a week — you will be impressed with the results. As far as your Internet equipment, if you have 1 box – 1 modem from your provider, yes you can reboot it & should have no issues getting it back up. If you have multiple boxes, modems, routers, extenders, tread lightly or call a trusted friend/advisor to help you walk through how to take it down & what order to turn things back on.

#2 – Internet Upgrade — if you have had your Internet equipment for over 2 years, it is a good idea to give your provider a call to ensure your hardware is working properly & to see what your options are for a faster connection to the internet. Think of the connection to the internet as a pipeline, if you have 7 devices that are all trying to go through a small pipe, you are going to have lag time and drop offs, enlarge the pipe, things will run smoother.

#3 – Networking in the home — so, you have your modem/router in a closet and you can get internet just fine in a few rooms but the office computer seems to be losing connection & you have no idea why. Most likely, there is interference from other devices or from your home itself (steel beams, etc.) that are causing dead zones. If you have it in your budget, there is a new kind of network called a Mesh network you should check out – here is an article on Mesh networks from CNET – https://www.cnet.com/news/best-mesh-wi-fi-system-2020-eero-google-nest-netgear/

#4 – Hardwired connection is KING – so wireless is fabulous & easy (no wires) but the signal strength is about 1/2 of what a hard wired connection can give you. So, I for one, have a 50ft ethernet cable running to a PS4 in my home, so my teens gaming does not interfere with my daily work. If you have an option to use a cable to connect some of your devices into the modem/router – it is a very inexpensive (50ft ethernet cable was $23) way to take some of the traffic off of your wifi network.

I hope some of these tips were helpful. There are many more ways to troubleshoot and enhance your internet connection at your home. If you would like additional resources, please contact me at [email protected]


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