The major players in the PC cloud storage arena are Microsoft and Google, hands down. A few other cloud storage companies are out there, such as DropBox, Box, and provide a cloud storage feature but are more geared towards file sharing & are not in the same space as the big two. Let’s not forget our Apple users, you’ve got iCloud, period. Easy decision there.

Cloud storage, what is it? Do I need it?

If you store your documents on your local computer, there are many disadvantages to contend with – the two major problems are: having to run periodic backups to ensure you do not lose your data if you have a hardware failure or natural disaster & the inability to access that data from any other device (for example, when you travel away from home). The solution, store data in a cloud – an external server that has automatic backups & is accessible from anywhere and from any device, 24×7. Genius.

Convinced that cloud might be in your best interest? Yes, I’d agree with that too. Do you have a @gmail account or an @hotmail, @msn, @microsoft account – well you already have cloud storage, you just didn’t realize it yet.

Google and Microsoft both provide a suite of products associated with their email. Once you create a free email account with either of these giants, you have access to email as well as a slew of other apps including cloud storage – Google’s is called Google Drive and Microsoft’s is called OneDrive.

Which is better?

I am not going to get into that conversation but I will provide some helpful information to help you choose for yourself. If you are comfortable with the Google apps such as Google sheets, Google docs, I’d say you would be wise to keep all of your docs under that umbrella. If you love Word, Excel and PPT, then I’d say you were in the OneDrive camp. Here is a diagram to help you compare the two.

In closing…

Both of these cloud solutions are fabulous, you just need to choose the one you are most comfortable with. If you’d like help with the choice or how to move your docs to a cloud solution, please contact me at [email protected] – I’d be happy to assist.

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